Bonus Tips from The Quirky Cowgirl–Artistic Process


I wanted to share a few things I have found really helpful in my artistic process. This is a picture of a canvas that I painted before I put my outline on. I like to do that sometimes becaindexbcuse it doesn’t let any of the white from the canvas show through my painting. It can also leave a neat effect if I leave a little of the blue showing through my painting, especially if I have used a contrasting color. When I have used a darker color for the under painting, it makes it very difficult to see the outline that I put on the canvas, so I like to use a Sharpie.


This is my Sharpie; it really helps if you can identify which Sharpie is yours. Put some distinguishing mark on it and people won’t run off with your Sharpie near as often. You can see mine has a calf band indexshon it. That is what we use to castrate our calves. I went to a cattle convention and they were demonstrating how the castration tool worked on these Sharpies. Like I said, think of some identification to put on your tools and you will keep them around longer. Sometimes my outline is still a little hard to see so I will just call this Cow in Blue and say it is supposed to be like this–Picasso would have been proud.


Moving on, this is the easel my sweet boyfriend got this for me when I first started art school. As my paintings got larger I needed it to be able to balance bigger pieces. I added about a foot to the top of my easel by using a cattle de-wormer box. I used a Safeguard box, but I’m sure any brand box would work. The box fit over the end of the support and added indexeaextra stability. To attach the box I used tape. I have heard that with duct tape you can fix anything, but I didn’t have any duct tape so I used the next best thing: masking tape. The masking tape is just now starting to peel after about a year so it has definitely held for a while and served its purpose. Ranching has certainly aided my artistic endeavors. If I come across any other helpful tips, I will be sure to pass them on!