Cattle of NE Texas–Curly Q

Curly Q 36x48" Oil Original and Prints Available
Curly Q 36×48″ Oil Original and Prints Available

We set out in the suburban, cameras in hand, to take cattle pictures in the area.  We had pulled over in a ditch and were hanging out the windows voraciously snapping pictures from the road along Circle C Ranch, when a grain truck pulled up behind us. It was the Circle C ranch manager and he said if we would come back when he was through feeding, he would take us around in the feed truck and we could take all the cattle pictures we wanted.  There was a particular cow he wanted me to see, the one I’m calling Curly Q. She has enormous asymmetrical horns! She’s never had a calf, but they keep her around because she is so cool looking. I have never seen a cow with horns quite like hers and I am excited that I got some pictures. I really hadn’t realized until I started painting all these horned cattle, that none of them are exactly symmetrical and many are off quite a bit. I love the variation! We take our own photos for these original paintings and that is half the fun! The sun was lovely that afternoon and we had a blast looking at cows and taking pictures. It was a wonderful day in northeast Texas!

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