Banana Horned Cow

The banana horned cow was my sister’s cow. Granddad got each of us girls a cow when we were young and every time those cows calved he sold the calves and put the money into a savings account for each of us to help pay for college. Tanessa’s cow actually got struck by lightning, but before she died she had her one and only heifer. So that calf, which grew up to be the banana horned cow (we just referred to her as Banana Horn), replaced her mother for Tanessa’s college fund. She was a really good mother; she loved her babies, always weaning heavy calves. We hoped before she got too old she would have a heifer to replace her, but year after year she had bull calves. That was great for Tanessa’s college fund, but not so good for her commercial herd to grow. Tanessa is about to graduate college with a degree in English literature and thanks to  Banana Horn, she was able to do a study abroad in Oxford, England, for a semester.

We are so fortunate to have such a generous grandfather. It’s neat to see the results of his planning!

Oil, 36X38

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  1. I love your paintings, sweet girl. But more than that I’m so glad I have gotten to know you and your family. See you soon!

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